We’re glued to the set, watching athletes pursue their dreams at the Winter Olympics. But here in Baltimore, a team has devoted its self to the dreams of others’, too.

Directed by Head Coach Bob Babb, the members of Johns Hopkins’ men’s baseball team have become angels in our outfield. Indeed, they have made volunteering in the community an integral part of their training regimen. The players . . .

  • Loaded and transported furniture and household goods for our House-to-Home program, offering a fresh start to folks emerging from homelessness, domestic abuse, and other desperate straits;
  • Collected nonperishables for our Healthy Food Drives, distributing these nutritious staples to soup kitchens and food pantries;
  • Prepared more than 2,400 servings of homemade pumpkin pie, green bean and corn casseroles for our Healthy Harvest Offering at Thanksgiving (in partnership with Manna Bible Baptist Church);
  • Wrapped and tagged hundreds of gifts for needy children for our Elf Angel project at Christmas, among other projects.

Coach Babb shares, “I think it’s important to create a culture where giving back is part of your everyday life.” He and his wife Gilly lead by example, working alongside the players on each service project. All this work pays dividends for the 8th ranked Division 3 team, says alumnus Andrew Zigmont. “Community service has built a tremendous sense of camaraderie among the team.”

Is there a team, scout troop, or group you know that might benefit from exercising their kindness muscles? We promise your heart will be Olympic size in no time — and we’re eager to arm you with the tools and goods to bring heaven down-to-earth in your neighborhood.