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Water for You, Water for the World

As we prepare for the rebirth that Spring brings, we celebrate the gift of water on our planet– thanks be to God! And today, we are launching our Water for You, Water for the World campaign.

Water is the first pillar in Love Your Health, Love Your Self — the platform for a full and healthy life that we promote to both our volunteers and our clients. It’s the source of so much transformation, and why on World Water Day 2017 we are introducing Water for You, Water for the World campaign, which includes:

  • Outreach to teach the critically important role of proper hydration. We will be saturating our audience with messages about water as a game-changer for healthy living. We will distribute the Heaven on Earth NOW Water Poster to schools, shelters, senior centers, community centers, places of worship, etc.  YOU can order our poster here.
  • Partnerships with Life Outreach International and other organizations to establish sustainable, clean water sources in Africa and around the world. Why do this NOW? Every 90 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease; diarrhea has become the third leading cause of death among children, a majority of which are water-related. Indeed, water-related diseases affect more than 1.5 billion people every year.
  • Shortly, you will be able to purchase Heaven on Earth NOW water bottles — with one water bottle given away for each bottle sold! Already, more than a thousand bottles have been distributed free-of-charge to people in Liberia through our loving partnership with Geebaumu International, Inc. (See the photo above!)
  • Water bottles will become an integral part of several of our programs — House to Home, Easter Blessing Baskets, among others. We can combat obesity and chronic disease in our communities by encouraging our friends to replace sugary beverages with the satisfying and refreshing taste of water. It’s healthy choice we all must make.

We are especially excited to announce that two water wells we funded in Burundi are now operational. The water infrastructure in this small, central African country was so poor that its citizens have been plagued with cholera and other water-related diseases. Now, clean water is flowing!

We are humbled to consider the difference clean water is making for thousands of our African neighbors. Your gifts make the water wells and water education possible. Thank you ever so much.


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